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The activities of INSTAURARE



Our aims have primarily been pursued through the uninterrupted publication of the journal and the organisation of conferences. The conferences of the ŇFriends of INSTAURARE" are now traditional yearly reunions, which take place in August at the Madonna di Strada sanctuary, in Fanna (Pordenone), at the feet of the Carnia pre-Alps. In August 2011, the 39th conference took place. Study meetings, conferences, and round tables have been organised in several Italian towns: Milano, Modena, Pavia, Pordenone, Roma, San Colombano al Lambro, Udine, Venezia and so on.


INSTAURARE has tried, furthermore, to pursue its aims with some publications. Among these, the following should be remembered:


a) AA.VV., Questione cattolica e questione democristiana [Catholic Matter and Christian Democratic Matter] Padova, Cedam, 1987, which deals with the issue of political modernism, which was supported and realised by the Italian Christian Democratic Party;


b) AA.VV., Eutanasia del Cattolicesimo? [Euthanasia of Catholicism?], Napoli, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 1990, which is a radical criticism of the theological and exegetical Gnosticism of one of the most famous contemporary Italian Bible scholars (Rinaldo Fabris);


c) P. G. GRASSO, Costituzione e secolarizzazione [Constitution and Secularisation], Padova, Cedam, 2002, which is a critical ŇreadingÓ of the political secularisation process which was implemented (on the legal level) by the Italian 1947 Constitution, was coherently developed by the Republican legislation, and consolidated by Court Decisions, particularly by the Constitutional Court.


Some of the contributions published in INSTAURARE have been widely considered in Italian and foreigner journals, and have been republished in various books.



Last modified: December 2011